A Minimal Example of Jasmine 2.0

by Larry Spencer Thursday, May 15, 2014 4:05 PM
I'm planning to offer a session called How to Unit Test JavaScript with Jasmine at Boston Code Camp 21 on June 21. As I develop the content, I'll post it on this blog.

To start off, here's a minimal usage of Jasmine 2.0 in Plunker. Press the Code button to see a list of files.
  • index.html is the main page of the application.
  • boot.js, console.js, jasmine-html.js, jasmine.css and jasmine.js are from the jasmine-standalone-2.0.0.zip on the Jasmine 2.0 site.
  • greet.js is the code under test
  • greet-tests.js contains the Jasmine tests.

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