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by Larry Spencer Sunday, July 26, 2015 9:07 PM
My first book, co-authored with Seth Richards, has just been published! Titled Reliable JavaScript: How to Code Safely in the World's Most Dangerous Language, it explains how to use test-driven development to create robust, large-scale JavaScript applications. The blurb from the back cover explains the book's mission pretty well:

Experienced developers still struggle with the failure of large-scale JavaScript applications that collapse under their own weight. Reliable JavaScript provides the solution in the form of a test-driven workflow that produces robust applications that stand the test of time. The book uses unit tests to explain, demonstrate, and employ a wide variety of JavaScript patterns and architectures. As you follow along, you will become an expert in test-driven development of JavaScript that is suitable for commercial software. If you are ready to bring a high level of software engineering to your JavaScript development, this book is for you.

You can read more, including the rest of the back cover, at

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